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Matt Hammond: A Basic Intro

Orgin: Mill Valley, CA

Not Your Average Bear

Ok, so actually I was born in Sacramento, but for all intensive purposes (or is it, intents and purposes... er, in tents with porpoises... anyway), I grew up in Mill Valley, California. Went to High School in San Francisco, and then went to college at UC Berkeley (took a year off between sophmore and junior year to run an internet startup in Santa Cruz, and lived there again for two years after graduation): pretty much lived in the Bay Area my whole life...
...until I moved to China in 2004 to export construction materials.

That went pretty well, until my investor/partner in the US died of a heart attack, leaving me to figure out a way to support myself abroad. So I started building websites as a freelancer, founded a little development company (, and have been bouncing around the globe since then.

Interests & Hobbies


Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, and more

Training & Workouts

Running, Weightlifting


Snowboarding and Skateboarding too

Singing & Songwriting

Just for fun

Guitar & Ukelele

... worse than my signing

Creative Writing

Short Stories & Poems


Where I dump my excess income


25 Countries and counting

Web Work

... it's a career too

More trips around the globe

Exploring the Irish coast

Catalina Pontera
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Running through the Andes

Björn Lodbrok

Kayaking in British Columbia

Amy Mc Courtney

Hiking in New Zealand

Daniel Kane

Camping in Iceland

Sören Gustavson

Now in store

New Maps & Routes

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Best Gear for Coastal Areas

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Brand new Travel Locations

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Guides for Food & Hotels

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